Lower house approves request to postpone local government election again

The lower house today voted in favour of postponing the local government election for a third time, until next year February.


This after portfolio minister Desmond McKenzie requested the extension in parliament, today.


As expected, government MP’s voted in favour, while the opposition again objected and voted against the postponement.


The PNP MP’s then walked out of the house, leaving behind independent MP George Wright.


Prior to the vote, Mr. McKenzie sought to explain the rationale for putting off the election yet again, after the 2 pervious postponements due to the Covid pandemic.


Among the reasons cited, is the country’s uncertain and fragile economic condition.



Mr. McKenzie also said the government wanted to avoid diverting funds and fiscal risks.



Another, is the need to finalise the establishment of Portmore as the 15th parish.



The minister said the government wants the postponement of the election up to February next year.



And prior to the walk out, Opposition Leader Mark Golding chastised the government for using what he described as spurious reasons for seeking to put off the local government election.


He noted that the reason of a fragile economy is not supported by recent claims that the country’s economy is strong, with extra revenue expected in the budget.




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