Local women’s football set to benefit from weeklong event – Fit for her Football INC.

Local women’s football and girls football in particular in the island¬† is set to benefit from weeklong event put on by the us based fit for her Football INC.

Fit for her football INC will be in Kingston from March 9th-12th and in Montego Bay from the 13th-15th.

The programme will see both coaches and players benefiting from workshops and training sessions in Kingston and Montego Bay. 

The workshops will include leadership, professional development and parent engagement. starting this Saturday at the Ballaz Academy at 9:00am, and is open to coaches, boys and girls in the coach and player development session.

The team of coaches will be led by USA Olympic football champion Staci Wilson along with other key international coaches and players including, Nora Mcguire of Steady & TSD, Kim Crabbe of outreach Capre Fear, Lisa Berg of Shewins Mexico, Marc-Anthony Williams of Top Notch and Alex Hernandez of Total Soccer Development.

The sessions will focus on coach and player development, football principles and strategies, skills and ball techniques, as well as ways to prevent injury and gain quick recovery.


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