Local Government Ministry allocates $60M to drought

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development is providing $60 million to truck water to communities affected by drought.

Portfolio minister, Desmond Mckenzie said the drought is the worst that the island has experienced in recent years, and where the funds are allocated, it must provide water, to people who need it most.

He said his ministry is working closely with the ministry of economic growth and job creation, to ensure that residents in the severely affected communities, can have access to the commodity.

The minister who was delivering the keynote address at the commissioning of the Watermount Water System, in St. Catherine, on Wednesday, informed that seven of $14 million is being allocated this week, to the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation, for the trucking of water.

He said funds will also go to other municipal corporations, to provide water.

Mr Mckenzie noted however, that the $60 million allocation is separate from the $100 million announced by the prime minister recently, to respond to the drought.

He also urged residents to use water responsibly, with domestic use being prioritized.


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