Local Government debates to cost $24 million

It will cost approximately $24 million to undertake the debates for the local government election.

The Jamaica Debates Commission (JDC) will be hosting two debates, the first on Thursday February 15, and the second on Saturday February 17, starting at 9 o’clock each evening.

Speaking at a press briefing today (February 9), JDC Commissioner Brian Schmidt explained that the cost covers a debate watch session, among other things.

The debate participants will be fielded questions, posed by journalists, including IRIE FM’s News Editor, Natalie Campbell.  

Meantime, the debates will allow Jamaicans to hear from the main political parties about their plans for local government.

The People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) are expected to finalize their debate team members, by next week.

Representative for the JLP Sharon Haye Webster, and representative for the PNP Colin Campbell, said each party has a pool of persons, from which to select debate team members.


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