Local Government Authorities says resignation of Morant Bay Mayor in keeping with regulations

The president of the Association of Local Government Authorities of Jamaica, has explained that the pending resignation of the Mayor of Morant Bay is in keeping with regulations, following the death of another councilor in the St Thomas Municipal Corporation.

Winston Maragh said the resignation of mayor Michael Hue, effective November 21, is an acceptable procedure, due to the change in the number of councillors for the 2 main political parties.

With the recent death of Jamaica Labour Party councillor for the Trinityville Division and Deputy Mayor, Lenworth Rawle, the JLP‘s count of 5, dropped to 4.

The Peoples National Party, with 5 councillors, now has the majority, essentially causing a shift in the balance of power.

Mr Maragh explained that normally, the process would entail the moving of a no confidence motion against the sitting mayor, in order to elect a new mayor from the PNP.

However, mayor Hue’s decision to resign makes for a more efficient transition.

This, as the PNP‘s minority leader, councillor for the White Horses Division, Hubert Williams, was sworn in as the new deputy mayor on Thursday.

Upon mayor Hue’s resignation later this month, Williams will become mayor, and a new deputy mayor will be sworn in.

Mr Maragh also explained that, with the next local government election due next year February, the government has opted to forgo holding a by election for the now vacant Trinityville seat.

The division will be overseen by the mayor, until the next election.


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