Lobby group protesting continued closure of Blue Lagoon offers solutions to issues at attraction

The Portland Environmental Action lobby group has indicated that it will continue to offer solutions to issues at the Blue Lagoon that had resulted in its closure.


The group, in collaboration with Jamaica Beach Birthright Environmental Movement, organised a peaceful protest at the entrance to the lagoon today, calling for the attraction to be reopened.


About 200 persons, some dressed in swim suits, and bearing placards, showed up to support the cause, chanting “free the beach” and “fly the gate”.


Public Relations Officer for the PEA Wilbourn Carr said the protesters were however, not able to accomplish their main goal of accessing the lagoon, as the entrance remained blocked off and guarded by armed police officers.



He said the group will again submit, to the relevant authorities, suggestions to fix issues at the Blue Lagoon, such as sanitation.





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