Lieutenant General Rocky  Meade declines cabinet secretary post

Lieutenant General Rocky  Meade, has declined the offer to be appointed cabinet secretary and head of the public service.

This, in the wake of objection from some sections of society, including the opposition.

There are concerns that the appointment was in breach of the jamaican constitution.

In a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister, Meade said he was advised by the office of the cabinet that he would receive a letter of appointment, from the Governor General, through the office of the services commission, for the post of cabinet secretary on the recommendation of the prime minister, with input from the public services commission.

Meade said after almost four decades of service to Jamaica, he was convinced to continue to serve and had initially indicated his intention to accept the offer.

He said although he was invited by the public services commission to be considered for the post while still a serving officer, the current public discourse does not provide a sufficiently settled environment for the assumption of such a significant office.


The military veteran expressed appreciation to the Governor General, the prime minister and the public services commission for their consideration and confidence in him.

He also expressed appreciation of their understanding of his position.

He retired as head of the army in January.


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