Legal team for Foreign Affairs Minister says she is committed to defending herself against the allegations made in lawsuit filed against her

The legal team for Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson-Smith says she is committed to defending herself against the allegations purportedly made in the lawsuit filed against her.


Her attorney says she is confident that the legal process will reveal the truth of the matter and will ultimately vindicate her.


It’s reported that a May 29 date has been set for  the case, which relates to contributions  towards her unsuccessful bid to become Commonwealth Secretary General, last year June.


A declaration from the court is being sought on whether or not there was failure to comply with an administrative regulation in relation to the contributions.


The attorney explains that on learning about the existence of the lawsuit via social media, and the senator having not been served, the legal team took immediate action by contacting the applicant’s representatives to request copies of the filed court documents.


The attorney says the goal is to review thoroughly, the allegations made against senator Johnson-Smith to mount a vigorous defence in the interest of justice and fairness.


To date, the senator has not been served nor has her legal team received a copy of the documents, as requested from the Law Boss.


The team adds that it has learnt through social media that a court date has been fixed.


A statement from the attorneys says senator Johnson-Smith firmly believes in upholding the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in her position as a public servant.


It notes that while she respects the legal process, she is concerned about the potential influence, bias, and prejudice that may result from the ongoing assertions made in the public domain by the litigant notwithstanding the matter is before the courts.


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