Lakers pushing to keep Lebron James ‘on the dribble’ for three more years

There are reports that the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to reroute the 39-year-old Lebron James back to the club with a new three-year maximum offer.

However, James who will turn 40 on December 30, can take his talents elsewhere by declining a $51.4 million option in his contract for the 2024-25 season before Sunday’s deadline.

James a 20 time all star, can be offered no more than a three-year deal under NBA’s rule limiting the length of contracts teams can offer players over age 38.

That caps the three-year offer the lakers can make to James at a maximum $162 million. 

The first step is his player option, although he can decline the option, test free agency and opt for a short-term deal if that’s his preference.

With maximum cap space available, the Philadelphia 76ers are considered a looming threat to the Lakers if James opts out of his contract. 

Meanwhile, The sixers are among teams showing the greatest interest in James’ oldest son, University of South Carolina (USC) guard Bronny James, before the 2024 NBA draft on Wednesday, according to multiple reports.


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