KSAMC CEO says he has made a report to police regarding person impersonating a public health inspector at recent re-opening of Crab Circle

Chief Executive Officer of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, Robert Hill, says he has made a report to the police regarding an individual impersonating a public health inspector at the recent re-opening of Crab Circle.

This, after concern was raised by stakeholders.

Providing an account of the incident, Mr. Hill said during the re-opening of Crab Circle, the person identified himself to members of the corporation as a public health inspector.

He said the man was dressed in a replica of the uniform worn by public health inspectors and also showed an ID card seemingly issued by the public health department.

Mr. Hill said to his amazement and utter disappointment, it was later discovered that the person was not in fact a member of the public health department, but rather someone who willfully impersonated such an officer. 

The KSAMC CEO apologized for any inconvenience that the public may have suffered due to the unfortunate occurrence.


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