Kieth Wellington elected to serve a third term at ISSA 

Principal of St Elizabeth Technical Kieth Wellington has been elected to serve a third term at the Inter Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA). 

The following changes were made to the outgoing executive body. with the Chairman of the Manning Cup being Mr. Leighton Christie , Principal of Papine High, while the Chairman of Urban Cricket is now Mr. Roncell Brooks , Principal, Norman Manley High,

Mrs. Andrea Bryan-Hughes of St. Hugh’s High School is the new Chairman of Volleyball, Swimming and Hockey. 

The rest of the executive reads:  Vice President Mrs. Colleen Montague Principal at Wolmer’s girls,the position of treasurer is held by Mr. David Wilson the Principal, Clarendon College. 

While the 8 chairpersons are  Mrs. Hazel Cameron , Principal, Clan Carthy high

Chairman of the Dacosta Cup Mr. Linvern Wright the Principal, of william knibb high and the Chairman, basketball remains Miss jennifer Williams the Queen’s School Principal. 

For Netball it is  Mrs. Erica Ewbanks Principal of Garvey Maceo High, while the Principal of Aplhanus Davis mr George Henry in charge of Rural Cricket. 

Rhe Chairman of Table Tennis is Mr. Alfred Thomas the Principal at Brown’s Town High, …………for Junior & Girls Football it is Mr. Orrett Wallace the Principal, at Foga Road High and the Chairman, of the ISSA boys & girls Championship remians Mr. Richard Thompson Principal of Titchfield High.


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