Kabaka Pyramid in Twitter beef over Valiant’s “Rasta”

Grammy-winner Kabaka Pyramid has come under fire on social media after responding to a tweet lauding entertainer Valiant for “opening our eyes”.


Commenting on Valiant’s new song “Rasta”, the social media user tweeted, “I want to say Valiant lost me with this one. But when I think of all the US rap/pop lyrics that talk about Marley and Rasta without any public outcry from Jamaica, I step back. For me, Vali is opening our eyes.”


In response, “The Kalling” Grammy winner tweeted, “When we seh we wah inspire di next generation, dis is NOT what we meant.” Kabaka continued, “Rasta a joke ting a Jamaica now apparently. Alright.”


The back and forth between Kabaka Pyramid and the Twitter user taking jabs at each other has since been shared to Instagram where some IG users have expressed mixed reactions with some calling Kabaka Pyramid’s response “selective outrage”, others say, “Valiant should continue to do his music because art is art”, and some lament that “Jamaica has no more real rastas.”


Countree Hype Entertainment who produced the song has weighed in on the saga with a tweet directly addressing Kabaka Pyramid. “It’s simple Grammy Kid, No beef no passa is making references to some Rasta who believe in peace and unity but the other parts of the song is clearly not for rasta… look how many things me see Rasta a do? And unuh nah talk on that, we respect you G but this never have to post maybe a you PR post it still, anyway blessing No beef!!! No passa!!!”, he tweeted.


All this controversy comes following the release of Valiant’s music video and song titled “Rasta”. Produced by Countree Hype Entertainment and Diplomats Records, Valiant sings the hook, “Man a live like Rasta, no beef no passa.” Meanwhile, the music video shows Valiant and his crew mimicking some staple Rastafarian elements such as the strong presence of the black, red, green, and yellow traditional Rasta colors. They are also wearing tams with fake locs and scarves.


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