JUTC workers resume duties

Monies deducted from the salaries of Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, drivers should be returned to them by Saturday.

This was among the points agreed to, at Thursdays emergency meeting at the labour ministry, to iron out issues between the JUTC and the trade union representing the drivers.

The drivers took industrial action on Wednesday and Thursday, upset about changes to their salary under the restructured compensation system.

The service disruption left many commuters in the corporate area, stranded and angry.

The JUTC asked the labour ministry to intervene.

A back to work agreement was reached, and the drivers resumed normal duties with the 7 P.M. shift.

In a statement, the ministry said the parties, after intense discussions, have arrived at an understanding for the salary advance paid to workers last December, to be returned to them, with negotiations continuing next week relating to payment arrangements.

The University and Allied Workers Union, UAWU, noted that the one hundred thousand dollars should never have been deducted from the workers salary, in the first place, without prior discussion.

UAWU Vice President Clifton grant said Thursdays meeting was fruitful.

He said further talks are to be held at the local level, with the jutc management, next Tuesday April 4.


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