Justice Minister urges business operators, especially hoteliers, to increase salaries to retain staff and reduce need to import labour 

Business operators, especially hoteliers, are being urged to offer better pay to workers to help with staff retention and reduce the need to import labour. 

Better compensation is also being touted as a means of empowering workers, increasing productivity, and steering young people away from a life of crime.

The call came from Justice Minister Delroy Chuck while addressing Justices of the Peace at a sensitization session in Trelawny.

Mr. Chuck related that while on a recent visit to a community in the parish, some young people stated that they left hotel jobs because the pay was inadequate, and hustling was more lucrative.

The Minister said there are hundreds more persons islandwide like those in Trelawny who remain outside the formal labour force due to inadequate remuneration.

Mr. Chuck pointed out that if hoteliers imported labour, it would cost more money so a better solution would be to offer local workers double pay.

The Minister urged employers to do more, by way of jobs, to help control crime.


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