Justice Minister says serial rapist should have been sentenced to life in prison

Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, has expressed disappointment over what he described as the inadequate sentence imposed on convicted serial rapist Davian Bryan.


Bryan was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment when he appeared in the St. Thomas parish court last Wednesday, having earlier pleaded guilty to 12 counts of rape, grievous sexual assault, and forcible abduction.


In a release today (June 5), Minister Chuck said he has taken note of the recent sentence handed down in the criminal matter involving the confessed rapist.


He said the public will recall that the matter involving Bryan drew widespread national attention, as he was the subject of a major manhunt.


Bryan was captured on May 23, 2022, and charged with several serious offences.


To note, the matters against Bryan included five counts of rape.


Commenting on the 23-year sentence, Mr. Chuck said a sentence of life imprisonment would have been more appropriate.


He noted that Bryan demonstrated, by his own admission, that he is a sexual predator.


The Justice Minister reiterated the need, in all cases including where the offenders have pleaded guilty, to consult with victims and or their families on a suitable sentence.


He said the criminal justice (administration) act and plea negotiation and agreements act, provide and allow for this kind of consultation, while noting that this is an important aspect of the sentencing process to allow victims and or relatives to have their concerns taken into account.









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