Juliet Holness elevated to house speaker, following Dalrymple Philibert’s resignation

Juliet Holness has been elevated to the position of house speaker, taking over the job, in the wake of the resignation of Marisa Dalrymple Philibert.

Mrs. Holness previously served as deputy speaker.

At the start of today’s sitting of the lower house, the government side nominated Mrs. Holness, and her selection was supported by the opposition.

And, with Mrs. Holness having vacated the post of deputy speaker, Heroy Clarke was nominated for that role.

His selection was also supported by the opposition.

In expressing appreciation, Mrs. Holness pledged to preside over parliament sittings with fairness and in keeping with the standing orders.

For his part, Mr. Clarke pledged to do the same.

Former house speaker Dalrymple Philibert was acknowledged for her contribution to the house, and her leadership, and was also encouraged to serve as a guide to the new speaker.


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