Judiciary to pay close attention to unexecuted bench warrants which contribute to parish court case backlog

The judiciary will be paying close attention to unexecuted bench warrants which are contributing to a backlog in parish courts in its next strategic planning period.

 This, according to Chief Justice Bryan Sykes. 

Speaking at the swearing-in of judges to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal for the Easter term this morning, Justice Sykes noted that the gross backlog in the parish courts is at 16 per cent, slightly higher than the international standard.

Meantime, he noted that the net backlog in the island’s parish courts is under 2.5 per cent, significantly lower than the international standard.

 He said this goal was achieved two years ahead of target.

 He noted that time standards have been revised for the different types of cases in the courts because of the increased efficiency within the judiciary. 

The time frame ranges from 3 months for simple cases to six months for standard cases and 20 months for highly complex cases.


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