JTA president urges authorities to ensure quick prosecution of perpetrator who murdered 9-year-old Talia Thompson

President of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) Leighton Johnson has appealed to the authorities to ensure they move quickly to prosecute the perpetrator who sexually assaulted and murdered 9-year-old Talia Thompson.

Mr. Johnson and a team from the JTA visited the Discovery Bay Primary and Infant school, in St. Ann, yesterday, where students and staff are still mourning Thompson’s death.

The student died after she was stabbed several times at her home on Saturday.

A family member, who reportedly attempted to commit suicide by inflicting a gunshot and knife wounds to himself, is admitted in hospital under police guard.

Speaking to reporters at discovery bay primary today, Mr. Johnson said Jamaica must take a stand against the perpetrators of such crimes.

He described as alarming, the number of children who have been killed across the country in recent years.

He said the nation cannot continue to allow children to suffer at the hands of adults who should be taking care of them.


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