JTA President says recent attack on BB Coke student indicates Jamaica’s misguided value system

President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Leighton Johnson says the recent attack on a lower school student at the BB Coke High School in St Elizabeth is an indication of the country’s misguided value system.

He points to the ‘dunce culture’, which he says, has been allowed to take root in the psyche of Jamaicans.

He says this culture has led to behaviours that are causing fear in various school communities across the island.

The 14-year-old injured BB Coke male student underwent additional tests and more detailed medical assessments at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

The boy had to be transferred from the Mandeville Regional Hospital yesterday (September 30), as it was reported that equipment used for CAT scans were not functioning.

The incident on Thursday, reportedly stemmed from the younger boy stepping on the older boys Clarks shoes.

The injured boy was taken to a doctor by his schoolmates.


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