JTA President calls for probe to determine last time recently deceased teachers took leave

President of the Jamaica Teacher’s Association, JTA, Winston Smith, is calling for an investigation into the recent deaths of several educators, to determine the last time, they went on vacation leave.

His concern follows yet another educator’s death, this time a senior teacher of Denbigh High school, in Clarendon.

57 year old Everton Annakie died on Tuesday, becoming the 15th educator, to pass in recent weeks.

The JTA president said the association is concerned, about the terms and conditions, that determine how and when a teacher benefits from vacation leave.

Mr. Smith said the current system under which an educator can get leave, is inefficient, citing adverse impacts from lack of proper rest.



He said these conditions not only affect the teachers themselves, but also the school, and the entire education system.



He is calling for a probe into the situation of leave for teachers, and other possible factors that could have contributed, to the recent deaths.

This information, he said, could benefit the country with the data needed to possibly prevent or lower, the occurrence of untimely, death.




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