JTA condemns alleged assault of teacher by parent at Ocho Rios Primary

The Jamaica Teachers’ Association, JTA, has condemned Monday’s incident, at the Ocho Rios Primary School in St Ann, where a parent and the institution’s vice-principal, reportedly got into a scuffle, over a cell phone.

A teacher reportedly confiscated the device from a grade four student, who was allegedly using it in class, and took it to the vice principal.

The child’s parent turned up at the institution, requesting that the device be handed over to her.

When the demand was not met, it’s alleged, that a physical altercation ensued.

The incident was reported to the Ocho Rios police.

Disgruntled colleagues of the female vice principal, staged a protest at the school yesterday, calling for an end to violence against teachers, and demanded justice for their colleague.

JTA President, Lasonja Harrison told Irie Fm news, that it is important, that stakeholders, especially parents, act responsibly, as their actions are being observed by children.

She said, adults must lead by example, and show children, more appropriate ways, to solve conflicts.

Ms Harrison said the incident is another example of the challenges faced by educators in the classroom.


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