JPS to deploy 300 workers to St. Elizabeth to complete electricity restoration work

Over the next few weeks, 300 workers will be deployed to complete electricity restoration work in St. Elizabeth.

This, as the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) says complete restoration of customers in the parish will take up to a month, as the utility company repairs and rebuilds sections of the network there.

St. Elizabeth received the worst of the impacts of Hurricane Beryl last week; the entire parish was plunged into darkness.

This morning, sections of the parish began receiving power.

Public Relations Manager at JPS, Audrey Williams, said among the critical facilities restored was the Black River Hospital.

Meantime, the JPS has indicated that 90% of the country’s hospitals and major healthcare facilities now have electricity.

The Lionel Town and Spaldings hospitals in Clarendon, the Alexandria Community Hospital in St. Ann and major health facilities in St. Thomas are yet to receive power.

The JPS said it will be focusing on restoring service to these facilities over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Up to this morning, some 84% of customers islandwide had been reconnected.

JPS says restoration teams continue to work in all parishes to restore service to the remaining customers.


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