JPS, NSWMA face criticism from local authorities over poor service

Mayor of Spanish Town Norman Scott, says the inadequate garbage collection in some communities, has reached crisis level.

Mr. Scott describes the situation as a disaster which he says must be addressed urgently.

He wants the national solid waste management authority to appear before the st. Catherine municipal corporation, to respond to concerns.

Deputy Mayor Ralston Wilson agreed with the mayor, pointing out that schools in the Brown’s Hall community are being adversely affected by inadequate removal of waste.

He blamed some business operators for the garbage problem, pointing to several mini dumps with commercial waste.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Public Service Company is also again facing criticism from local authorities, over alleged poor service.

The issue was raised by divisional councillors at the recent monthly meeting of the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

The councillors complained about defective street lights and the apparent lack of consideration for customers, following the disconnection of power supply to a government run facility.

Mayor of Mandeville Donovan Mitchell chastised the JPS for being inconsiderate, citing an issue at the infirmary, wherein payment of the bill, was not registered.

And, Councillor for the Christiana Division, Desmond Harrison said the long wait, to repair defective streetlights, is affecting the safety and security of residents.

In response, operations manager at JPS Devon Willis said the company’s repair efforts have been hampered by challenges in shipping logistics, and that more time is needed.


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