JPS assures customers that it has contingency plan in place to minimize impact of any industrial action on service delivery

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has sought to assure customers that it has a contingency plan in place to minimize the impact of any industrial action on service delivery.

The assurance comes in the wake of a 72-hour strike notice issued by employees on Friday, through the National Workers Union.

The union claims that despite assurances, the employment agreement of 30 workers has not taken effect.

JPS yesterday indicated that though a meeting is scheduled for today at the Labour Ministry to address the issues, measures are in place to mitigate the impacts of any industrial action by the workers.

The light and power company also noted that it remains committed to the process of converting contract employees to permanent status, in keeping with its agreement with the union.

It said the conversions under this agreement are being done over a three-year period, starting in 2023, and are on track for completion by 2025 as agreed.

The company said it is anticipating that the temporary breakdown in the dialogue with the union will be resolved quickly and that the outcome will be satisfactory for all concerned.


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