JP Farms taking legal action to remove fake ‘JP Jamaican Bananas’ from Canadian market

Commercial banana growers, JP farms, says it is taking legal action, to remove bananas purporting to be “JP Jamaican Bananas”, but actually originating from another country, from the Canadian market.

JP farms, which is Jamaica’s largest commercial grower of bananas, has long sold its St. Mary-grown bananas locally, and internationally, under the JP and St. Mary’s brands.

The company notes, that both brands are registered trademarks, and are restricted from, unauthorized use.

It says the misleading stickers on the phoney product, differ from those on genuine JP farms Jamaican-grown fruit.

Notably, the imposter banana stickers are circular, whereas, JP stickers are oval.

JP says early investigations point to the fake “Jamaican bananas”, originating from another Caribbean island.

JP farms General Manager Mario Figueroa says the fake bananas have quality defects, that would not have passed JP farms’ standards for export.



Noting the potential severe implications for public safety and a potential negative effect on brand Jamaica, JP Farms is taking legal action, to remove the bananas from the Canadian market.

JP Farms Crop Manager Tariq Kelly, has urged stores to pull the fake bananas from their shelves.




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