JMMC donates money to aid spectator safety enhancements at Vernamfield

The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC), in a move towards bolstering safety measures at Vernamfield, recently presented a cheque worth $300,000 to KenT Racing Events aimed at funding additional vital safety barriers to ensure the well-being of spectators during events.

The donation according to the JMMC in a release comes as part of its “ongoing commitment to promoting safety within the motorsport community at the renowned venue.”

Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing spectator safety alongside the thrill of motorsport, the safety barriers are expected to provide additional protection, offering peace of mind to spectators and participants alike, underscoring the collaborative effort within the motorsport community to continually improve safety standards.

The ceremonial cheque was presented by JMMC Chairman Stephen Gunter to Kenneth Timoll at the conclusion of the recent Drag Rivals 1 event at Vernamfield on Sunday, April 28, 2024.


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