JMMC delegation attends FIA Extraordinary General Assemblies

JMMC Chairman Stephen Gunter led a two-man delegation attending the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from June 10th to 13th. Mr. Gunter was accompanied by Chris Elliott, who was recently appointed by the FIA to its Drag Racing Commission.

The event hosted by Natsional’naya Federatsiya Avtosporta I Kartinga Respubliki Uzbekistan (NAFKU) with active support from the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Silk Road Conference Complex, the first of its kind in Central Asia, featured an Expo Center, multi-conference and meeting facilities, and four multi-story hotels. The highlight of the event was celebrating the 120th anniversary of the FIA with cultural and culinary demonstrations.

The Jubilee General Assembly focused on key decisions in international motorsport, sustainable mobility, environmental protection, and inclusivity in motorsport. It also served as an important platform for sharing advanced ideas and practices.

In addition to establishing relationships with other sporting and mobility clubs and federations, the event marked a historic first for Jamaica: casting votes during the General Assemblies which concluded the four-day conference.

A Jamaican delegation will next attend the 2024 edition of the FIA American Congress, to be held in Lima, Perú, on August 20–22, hosted by the Touring y Automóvil Club del Perú, on the occasion of the club’s 100th anniversary.


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