JLP rejects PNP commissioned poll, labels it as fictitious and contrived

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has rejected the results of a poll released by the People’s National Party today, showing the opposition party ahead.


According to the poll, the PNP has a 5.2% lead against the ruling JLP.


In a statement this afternoon, the JLP said the release of what it described as a party sponsored poll, is part of the PNP propaganda and misinformation campaign intended to sow discontent and distract the country with political mischief.


The JLP said it acknowledges that there were numerous economic and industrial setbacks due to the covid-19 pandemic and other global shifts, and that frequent droughts and weather events have affected water supplies and damaged roads and public infrastructure.


However, the JLP said despite these shocks, it reduced the public debt to 78 % of GDP and that there have been increases and growth in several sectors.


The party described the information that the PNP is leading, as fictitious and contrived.




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