JLP & JFJ raise concerns over Mark Golding’s statement on dead voters

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) have taken issue with utterances by the Opposition Leader, seemingly suggesting that ballots should be cast in the name of deceased voters during the next general election.

Mark Golding made the statement, last evening while encouraging persons to vote for the People’s National Party’s candidate for East Rural St. Andrew, Patrick Peterkin.

In response, the JLP said such a reckless statement amounts to the promotion of electoral fraud and poses a grave threat to the integrity of Jamaica’s democratic process.

Noting that Jamaica has made significant strides in securing free and fair elections, JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang, said Mr. Golding must retract his statement and unequivocally disavow any support for electoral fraud.

He said the gravity of Mr. Golding’s words cannot be underestimated, and it is crucial that public trust in the country’s electoral system remains intact.

Meantime, Executive Director of Jamaicans for justice, Mickel Jackson said Mr. Golding must clarify his statement.

In a post on social media, she said with a political history marred by voter fraud, one cannot brush aside the opposition leader’s statement.

Noting that leaders must be mindful of what they say on political platforms, the JFJ head said Mr. Golding must address the matter, urgently.


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