JFJ calls for police high command to withdraw interdiction against Corporal Rohan James

Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) has called for the police high command to immediately withdraw the recent interdiction imposed against Police Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James.

Corporal James was served a notice of interdiction by high command yesterday, following comments he made while speaking at the funeral service for the late Constable Damien Blair on July 15.

Corporal James had warned that the high command could be in trouble, if members were not paid money due to them, for overtime work.

Reacting to the interdiction, Executive Director of JFJ, Mickel Jackson, said the interdiction is not only an attack on the chairman, but also rank-and-file members of the force.

Ms. Jackson urged the high command to rescind the interdiction.

In its defence, the police high command said Corporal James’ comments, at the funeral service, were found not to be in keeping with regulations, and therefore brought the constabulary into disrepute.


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