JFJ calls for national grooming policy to be fast-tracked, after students locked out for uniform breaches

Human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is calling for the education ministry to fast track the implementation of the national grooming policy.


This is in the wake of reports yesterday, that several students were locked out, at the Godfrey Stewart high school in Westmoreland due to alleged uniform breaches.


Upset parents gathered at the school gate, complaining that they have complied with the rules, and criticized school administrators for being unreasonable.



When contacted by IRIE FM News, the principal indicated that students were offered free uniforms by the school, but the parents refused them, stating that what the children already had, should be worn.


In reacting to the situation, JFJ’s Executive Director Mikel Jackson noted that this situation is happening too often and that the government needs to set a standard for all educational institutions.


Ms. Jackson expressed concern about the safety of children who have been turned away from school, due to alleged uniform violations.



Ms. Jackson said grooming rules at schools vary too widely, with differing views on what is acceptable.



The Education Ministry is in the process of conducting consultations on a national dress and grooming policy for students.


The objective is to develop a policy for educational institutions that balances students’ rights while complying with school rules.


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