JFJ calls for expelled St James high female student to be reinstated

Human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is calling for the reinstatement of a St. James high school female student who was reportedly expelled from the institution, after she was allegedly seen in a video kissing another female student.

Both students attended St. James high.

However, it’s understood that one of the girls has enrolled in another institution while the other has not been able to secure placement.

In a release this morning, Executive Director of JFJ Mickel Jackson said the incident again calls into question the arbitrary use and abuse of power and authority by some school leaders around student conduct and disciplinary actions.

She said it also raises serious cause for concern around how schools are governed as well as accountability mechanisms.

Ms. Jackson said the incident also raises the need for ongoing age-appropriate comprehensive sexual education for students without shame and moral judgment.

She strongly denounced the handling of the situation by the school administration.

She said by addressing the underlying biases and prejudices within the education system, it can work towards creating a more equitable and accepting society where every student feels valued and respected.


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