JFJ calls for CPFSA head to be suspended

Human rights group Jamaicans for Justice is calling on the Public Services Commission to act with alacrity in suspending the Chief Executive Officer of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, Rosalee Gage-Grey, from official duties pending the outcome of a comprehensive investigation.


This follows a report from the Office of the Children’s Advocate on the questionable relationship, between the CPFSA and the founder of Embracing Orphans Carl Robanske.


The report comes in the wake of public revelations in March 2021, that Robanske, had his teaching licence suspended in Washington, USA, and concerns over  inappropriate conduct with a minor in that country.


Embracing Orphans had a longstanding relationship with the CPFSA, to provide transitional facilities for young girls preparing to leave state care.


JFJ Executive Director, Mickel Kackson said while natural justice and due process underpin the need for a full investigation, Mrs. Gage-Grey cannot remain in the position, while the probe is conducted.


Ms. Jackson also expressed concern that the OCA’s report seemingly focuses too much on the CEO of CPFSA, without outlining which officers were involved in allegations of a so-called obstruction of justice.


Noting that too many questions have been left unanswered, Ms. Jackson called for a full investigation, to ensure accountability on the issue.



Ms. Jackson said the situation has raised questions about the level of oversight provided by the ministry of youth, and whether actions then were sufficient in ensuring that the raised issues were appropriately addressed to protect the wards of the state.


She noted that it appears that certain structural and institutional breakdowns occurred.





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