JFF officials lauds IRIE FM for outstanding contribution to Women’s Football

(General Secretary of the JFF, Dennis Chung (left) beside him President of the JFF Michael Ricketts, and Elaine Walker -Brown Chairperson f the JFF Women’s Football Committee and Irie’s Fm’s Sales Manager Nicholas Evans ( Far Right)

The Nation’s Number one radio station Irie Fm has come in for great commendation and praises for the Its contribution to the development of Women’s Football in Jamaica, 

The praises of Sales Manager Nicholas Evans and his hard working fundraising team which included Courtney Wallace and Irie fm’s current Sports Manager Robert Williams among others were collectively sang on Wednesday Morning by several JFF officials at the Offices of the Jamaica Football Federation at a press Conference . This, for helping the JFF raise funds for the Reggae Girls in the early days where there were no sponsors for women’s football. 

Chairperson of the JFF women’s Committee Elaine Walker-Brown led the charge in recognizing Irie Fm. 

Elaine Walker- Brown 

Irie’s Fm’s praises were also sang by JFF President Michael Ricketts and Press Secretary Earl Bailey.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF)  officially launched its new website which it promises will be more interactive and user friendly than previous editions and also announced a renewal of sponsorship with several corporate entities. 

The announcements were made at a press conference at the offices of the federation,  where it was revealed that the new website www.JFF.football will be used to secure information, news and upcoming fixtures on all the national teams. 

This as well to purchase match day tickets along with national team merchandise and to watch all games for which the national governing body has rights via its youtube channel. 


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