JFF Election gets heated as Pat Garell seeks mandatory injunction against JFF

The  drama  leading  up  to  the  Jamaica  Football  Federation Congress  headlined  by  the  presidential  election on  Sunday  opened  a  new chapter  today. 

This with  the  president of Beach Soccer Jamaica, Patricia Garel  going  to  the  Supreme  court   seeking  a mandatory  injunction   to  compel  the JFF  to  allow  Beach  Soccer  to  vote  in  the  election.

Garel contends in the application which was filed today that in 2022, the JFF promulgated a new constitution and article 12 stipulates that Beach Soccer Jamaica is one of the affiliates under pillar 3 of the constitution…………..adding  that  by virtue of that promulgation under article 12,   beach soccer  became a member of the JFF and was so treated.

Garel says  recognition was given to beach soccer when they  were   invited   to send three representatives to the congress on September 24 last year and that is reflected in the minutes of the JFF.

Garel outlined in court documents that she was recently informed by the JFF that beach football association of Jamaica which was created in October last year was the body representing beach football in Jamaica and had voting rights.

Attorneys-at-law Hugh Wildman and Duke Foote who are representing the applicant beach  soccer  Jamaica  say Garel is seeking a mandatory injunction to compel  the JFF to allow Beach Soccer to vote in the election on January 14 as the body representing Beach football in Jamaica.

The lawyers say they are expecting to have a hearing this week in the matter.

The  January  14  election  sees  incumbent  Michael  Rickettes  being  challenged  by  JFF   vice-president  Raymond  Anderson


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