JFF apologizes for luggage fiasco

Following the fiasco where the luggage of the reggae girls were left behind in Houston yesterday, the Jamaica football federation in a statement yesterday, expressed their apology to the staff and the players for the situation which caused a national embarrassment. 

The local delegation after flying from Mexico on Tuesday morning a day after finishing third at the concacaf championship, landed in Houston Texas, and while preparing to board the connecting flight to Miami, could not find the funds to pay for the luggage which was already in transit to Miami. 

 The players -captain Khadijah Bunny Shaw, Denesha Blackwood  and Sashana Campbell,  along with the staff members Gillian Lawrence, Devin Lawson, Gregory Daley, Omar Folkes and Hason Henry , all proceeded to make the connection with the luggage consisting mostly of equipment left behind. 

The JFF said after their historic achievement of qualifying for consecutive fifa world cup tournaments, that experience should not have happened.

In the release JFF added that it is committed to do all within its powers and control to correct these incidents going forward. 



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