JDF rescue people who were stranded in St. Thomas; 20 communities cut off due to flooding

Twenty-six people who were stranded at Hordley Crossing in St. Thomas since yesterday (November 16) due to rising flood waters have been rescued.

Councillor for the Dalvey division in Eastern St. Thomas, Michael McLeod, says the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) airlifted the persons who were travelling in nine vehicles.

It’s understood they went to a graduation in Portland.

Councillor McLeod says they were taken to a playing field and efforts are being made to get them out of the area via a truck.

He says large parts of eastern St. Thomas are affected by the flood rains.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for western St. Thomas James Robertson says some 20 communities have been cut off, following the flood rains.

He says from early this morning teams of people have been assessing the situation in the constituency.

Mr. Robertson is hoping for the rains to ease, so efforts can begin to clear the roads to give access to residents.

He adds that there needs to be river training works to protect communities.


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