JDF intercepts large shipment of cocaine from South America; 3 Jamaicans detained

A vessel carrying a large shipment of cocaine from South America was interdicted at approximately 4:15 this morning, in Jamaica’s territorial waters.


The seizure was made by the Jamaica Defence Force’s maritime air and cyber command, through coordination of its air and maritime assets in the JDF air wing and the JDF coast guard.


The JDF says amid evasive techniques by those onboard the go-fast vessel, a rigorous search of the maritime space using the aerial and maritime capabilities resulted in the interception.


A preliminary examination of the vessel revealed that there were nineteen large and carefully prepared bales of substance, which is believed to be cocaine.


The drug weighs approximately two thousand pounds, with an estimated street value of $1.1 billion.


The vessel, along with three Jamaicans found onboard, was later detained by the JDF coast guard, for further processing.


The JDF says the investigative process is ongoing, and the relevant and appropriate authorities have been contacted.


It notes that it continues to be vigilant in protecting Jamaica’s blue economy through its collaborative operational capabilities both in the aerial and maritime spaces throughout the day and night.


Citizens are encouraged to contact the security forces using the JDF tip hotline at 876-837-8888 to aid in ridding the country of criminal activity.


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