JCTU lashes government for announcing changes to public sector staff orders without finalizing negotiations

Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke is being criticised by trade unions for his announcement of expected changes to the public service staff orders, relating to maternity, paternity and family leave.

He is also being chastised for appearing to offer workers a good will benefit, when in fact, the leave arrangements, are items being lobbied for, by unions.

This as the issues are still being discussed between the parties, and nothing has been finalised.

During a press briefing yesterday (July 12), Dr Clarke stated that by the end of September, public sector workers will get details of the changes.

The new leave arrangements, which will form part of the public sector compensation restructuring, includes, extending paid maternity leave, to 3 months.

In reacting to the announcement, the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, JCTU, described Dr Clarkes utterances, as premature and untidy.

JCTU president Helene Davis Whyte said during negotiations, the government had indicated that, while its in agreement, the details would have to be finalized.

She said the unions hope to finalise the items, when next the parties meet at the negotiating table.


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