JCSA expresses support for Health Ministry PS Dunstan Bryan, against backlash, following calls for his resignation

The Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) says it firmly supports Permanent Secretary in the Health Ministry Dunstan Bryan, against what it says is undue backlash.

The JCSA says Mr. Bryan has made invaluable contributions and shown unwavering dedication to the health sector and the nation during these challenging times.

The group says the recent attacks not only undermine Mr. Bryan’s integrity and professionalism, but also poses a threat to the stability and effectiveness of the Ministry of Health and Wellness. 

The statement from the JCSA follows calls by the People’s National Party Patriots for his immediate resignation as it raised concerns about the need for accountability from the ministry.

The ministry has been in the spotlight in recent weeks.

Meantime, the JCSA says it condemns any form of interference that compromises the autonomy and efficiency of  public servants.

JCSA President, Techa Clarke Griffiths says for some time , the association has taken note the public criticism of  public servants.

In light of the developments, the JCSA is calling for: respect for professionalism, protection of public servants and constructive dialogue. 

It is urging the government and relevant authorities to take immediate action to safeguard the professional integrity and mental well-being of the Permanent Secretary.


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