JCF uses Kabaka Pyramid’s Reggae Sumfest performance to urge Jamaicans to report child abuse

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has shared a snippet of Kabaka Pyamid’s Reggae Sumfest performance, where he spoke openly about the importance of speaking out against child molestation that he said is the root of Jamaica’s problems.

Via their official Instagram account, the JCF used the entertainment footage to urge its users to report crimes committed against the nation’s children.

In the caption, the JCF wrote, “Sexual offences are grievous crimes. Children are more vulnerable to these crimes during the Summer holidays. We need your help to keep them safe. Do you know of a child that is being abused? Call Crime stop at 311 to report it.”

Grammy-winner Kabaka Pyramid, during his solid set on Night 2, declared to fans at Reggae Sumfest that in Jamaica, we do not talk enough about child molestation and rape.


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