JCF: it’s doing best to locate all missing persons; strides made in locating daughter of MP Paulwell and her mother

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has sought to assure that it is doing its best to locate missing persons across the island.

The assurance came in response to questions about the disappearance of the daughter of Member of Parliament Phillip Paulwell along with the child’s mother and an entertainer.

The mother and daughter reportedly went missing on September 9, while the entertainer went missing on August 24.

Speaking in a press conference hosted by the Constabulary Tuesday, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime Fitz Bailey said the case involving the daughter of Paulwell is going well.

He said they are making strides in locating the mother and daughter.

However, in the case involving the entertainer, Bailey said they have searched several parishes but have not been successful in locating the entertainer.

Nonetheless, he said the search continues.

He was supported by Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson who noted that all missing person reports are treated seriously.


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