JCDC Festival Song Competition cancelled due to poor entries

The 2022 JCDC Festival Song Competition has been cancelled this year, due to poor entries, according to Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sports Olivia Grange.

During parliament this week, Minister Grange revealed that from the 123 entries, the panel, which usually selects the finalists for the Jamaica Festival Song Competition, was unable to choose ten suitable songs from this year’s entries, despite extending the deadline.

In recent times, the JCDC Festival Song Competition seems to be struggling with entrants. In 2020, Minister Grange said there was a need to re-energize the competition. The move saw the inclusion of several established entertainers.

In 2020, Buju Banton won the JCDC Festival Song Competition, and Dancehall entertainer Stacious won in 2021.

The longest-running original song contest on the island, since 1966, the Jamaica festival song has been used annually to stir a feeling of celebration, about Jamaica, and the Jamaican culture, for Independence celebrations.


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