JC writes to Minister Olivia Grange regarding the barring of Ghanian athletes from ‘Champs’

The Inter Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) is in receipt of a letter from Jamaica College and copied to Minister of Sports Olivia Grange, calling on the governing body to reverse its decision………… in not allowing Ghanian student athletes Evans Tetteh and Dominic Amponsah to represent the school in the upcoming boys and girls championships.

In a letter addressed to ISSA president Kieth Wellington, Board Chairman at JC Lance Hylton,  outlined a number of reasons why the organisation was not fair in its decision to disbar the student athletes.

Among those reasons………….JC contends that that no rules were breached in the revised ISSA rules and regulations handbook – the applicable rule 15 jc pointed out, ….requires only that the student shall be registered in the school by September 30 and nothing was said or suggested in relation to physical presence by any specific date.

Another reason JC pointed out that even if there was a breach and they are confident there was none, the appeal lodged on January 25, 2024 was not heard by an independent and impartial appeal body.

JC made reference to rule 17 that states an appeal board shall be established by the Executive Committee by the start of each academic year …..which will be able to urgently deal with appeals.

The letter pointed out in a trail of documentation the extenuating circumstances why the students were unable to arrive in Jamaica by August 23 ……..but later on October 4, 2023.

JC further contends that the decision was unjustifiable and the executive board based its decision on improper grounds based on several public interviews ….that demonstrate improper and irrelevant grounds not based on facts.  

The letter added that the …………insinuation that that the young boys are not really students and that the school is trying to beat the system is offensive, unbecoming and patently untrue,  …………as according to the letter ….issa were in receipt of transcripts that show their records with neither of them having a failing grade and were devoted hardworking students with favorable reviews from their principal.

The letter which is calling for the intervention and mediation from the Sports Minister,  states the discrimination shown to the Ghanian students has now become international concern which should have repercussions against Jamaican athletes seeking overseas scholarships as well.

In closing ……………Jamaica College stated that they would like to have a response no later than February 27 and will explore other options which they would prefer not to exercise …………if there is no reply.


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