JAS: some farmers get animal feed, more feed to be distributed tomorrow

The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) has indicated that some farmers have received animal feed, while more feed will be distributed over the next few days.


This relief comes in the wake of a feed shortage that left many livestock farmers worried, due to having limited food for their ruminants and poultry, even while they sought to supplement this with grass or corn.


JAS President Lenworth Fulton told Irie FM News that farmers have been able to access feed at various farm stores islandwide, with only sections of Westmoreland still to get. The outstanding stores in that parish should get supplies by tomorrow.


Mr. Fulton said this is the first time that the sector has experienced a feed shortage, and that stakeholders are already looking at contingency measures in the event that the situation recurs.


These measures include manufacturers having supplies to last at least 8 weeks.



Regarding the impact of the feed shortage on farmers, Mr. Fulton said this was minimal and he expects the affected farmers to recover quickly.




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