JAS President says praedial larceny not given enough resources due to major crimes

President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Lenworth Fulton has lamented that major crimes such as murders have prevented the country from directing adequate resources to praedial larceny.

His comment is in relation to the killing of four men, suspected of being involved in praedial larceny, since the start of the week.

In the most recent incident, two men were shot and killed by residents in Adelphi St James, after they were suspected of stealing goats.

And earlier, two other men were chopped to death, by a mob, in watt town, st ann, after they were allegedly caught stealing cattle and goats.

Speaking with Irie Fm news, Mr Fulton pointed out that farmers lose about $6 billion annually, due to praedial larceny.

He said preventative measures should be prioritized.

Noting that praedial larceny will continue, if not checked, Mr Fulton called on the relevant authorities to do more.

Mr Fulton expressed hope, that measures announced by the agriculture minister, to thwart praedial larceny, will work, when implemented.


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