JAS President reiterates concerns about divestment of AMC

President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society ( JAS) Lenworth Fulton has reiterated concerns about reports that the agricultural marketing complex, AMC, is to be divested.

It’s reported that Ernst and Young has been tasked with conducting a comprehensive due diligence process and exploring various privatization approaches, including potential public-private partnerships.

A “divestment enterprise team” led by Erwin Burton has reportedly been appointed to oversee the process.

Mr. Fulton said farmers and other stakeholders are strongly opposed to the divestment of the AMC.

This as they fear divestment could pose significant challenges to Jamaica’s food trade.

The AMC serves as the central hub for fresh produce for export, and has storage facilities.

Mr. Fulton noted that there are potential negative impacts on fresh produce for export, and challenges for exporters in finding suitable alternatives.

There is particular concern for the impact divestment would have on yam exporters.

He pointed out that the AMC also houses the headquarters of agro-invest corporation and over twenty tenants, including key players in fresh produce exports and food processing.

Mr. Fulton said the divestment will also impact them negatively.

He said there is no guarantee that whoever purchases the facility, will allow it to continue operating as it does now.

He is calling for the complex to instead be renovated and allowed to continue being used by farmers.

Mr. Fulton is also calling for the agriculture minister to intervene.


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