JAS calls for Dairy Board’s Pasture Development Programme to be expanded, to boost country’s dairy production

The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) stresses the importance of ramping up measures to improve the country’s dairy production.


Speaking with IRIE FM news, JAS President, Lenworth Fulton said Jamaica’s dairy industry is moving at a slow pace, and as such, serious steps must be taken to address this.


Referencing the recent explosion at a Texas Dairy Farm in the United States, Mr Fulton said, although the incident does not pose serious implications for Jamaica, the country must be prepared in the event of a disruption in the sector.


It is against this background, that Mr Fulton called on the Agriculture Ministry to implement a major pasture development programme to enhance dairy production.


This, he explained should be an expanded version of a similar programme established over seven years ago by the Jamaica Dairy Development Board (JDDB).

According to the Dairy Board’s Chief Executive Officer, Devon Sayers, the Board’s Pasture Development Programme does great work in supporting farmers.


The programme aims to sustain adequate nutrient supplies of grass for grazing by cattle by supporting pastures across the island.


He explained, however, that it is a small programme with only 13 members on staff.


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