JAPS welcomes government’s announcement on employment status

The Jamaica Association for Private Security (JAPS) has welcomed the announcement by the government that private security guards will be officially recognized as employees, as of April.

This in the wake of comments made yesterday by Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke about the establishment of a task force, which will examine and recommend amendments to contracts that government has with security firms.

The amendments will ensure that guards are treated as employees and not contract workers.

The task force will have 100 days to recommend the amendments, and the new contracts will take effect on April 1.

JAPS President Teddylee Gray said, while this move by the public sector is long over due, it’s a welcomed relief for guards, who have been working at a disadvantage for over 30 years, as independent contractors.

Mr Gray wants the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) to ensure that clients who engage the services of guards, in the private sector, follow the policy set by the government.

He also wants the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) to be given more legislative teeth, to ensure compliance with the new policy.



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