JAPS calls on government to protect security guards rights

The Jamaica Association for Private Security (JAPS) is calling on the government, to take steps to protect security guards, attached to companies, without government contracts.


The appeal, follows an assurance by Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, yesterday, that  security companies with which the government has contracts, will see these being terminated, if guards are not treated as employees.


This amid islandwide agitation by security guards, following claims, that some security companies have asked them to sign contracts, requiring them to waive their rights, including, benefits for years of service.


The new contracts are being issued by companies, as part of the transition process of guards, from independent contract workers to employees, following a Supreme Court ruling.


Speaking with Irie FM News, JAPS President Teddylee Gray said, while he appreciates the assurance by the finance minister, there is concern that security guards attached to companies without government contracts, will continue to suffer.


He is calling on the Prime Minister to intervene.


The JAPS President said, although 85 percent of the nation’s security guards have signed the new contracts offered to them by security companies, the remaining guards are adamant that their voices will be heard.


This, Mr. Gray said, is evident in the numerous protests being staged by security guards.


The latest protest occurred near guardsman’s company office, along old hope road in Kingston, today.


The placard-bearing demonstrators called for the removal of labour minister, Karl Samuda, who they believe, is not acting with alacrity in protecting their rights.



According to Mr. Gray, many of the guards who signed the new contracts, did so, out of fear of losing their jobs.




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